Rowing is a sport that originated in Europe. It has a strong following in Europe and only a moderate following in the United States. In the U.S. it is mainly a high school and collegiate sport. It is a very difficult, yet also very rewarding sport. That not only pushes the body, but also requires a lot of skill and know-how.
UConn has a sweet men's crew team. Yes, UConn has teams other then basketball. Check out the UConn crew team and learn more about rowing at
by Hand of Death 5 April 15, 2006
The most phisically demanding sport, you will ever encounter. It's hard, exhausting and makes you feel like you want to collapse. Rowers get up every morning at 6 to go out in the freezing cold weather to row with there 'pogies'. Even in 12 degree weather, they walk around in a one piece lycra and a spandex top. During winter training, rowers train inside doing runs, circuits, weights and ergos which normally consist of 2k, 5k and the dreaded 30 minutes. 30 minutes are dread awful. It's hard to describe the pain of 30 minutes but most rowers are crying by halfway. Rowing is the greatest dport ever. Admit it. It's true.
"Hey I'm going rowing after this."
"In this weather? It's raining!"
"Hey, don't worry, I've got my full lycra and spandex kit to keep me toasty warm" ;)
by ROWINGBUDDIES222 January 12, 2012
taking a extreme dosage of robotusin. cuases blurred vision, nusea, extreme weirdness, and lack of motor skills
Brittney: dude are you rowing?
Torrie: yeah
Michelle: im rowing on robo ((robotusin))
by Victoria Gogenhighmer February 17, 2008
see crew for a better definition of the sport.
Rowing, the sport of the gods.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 August 21, 2006
the sport that never ends.

This sport in particular is a very time consuming one of which it will take up most of your week and free time. There are many different kinds of rowing,

The Eight: is when 8 men weilding single oars take control of a stern or bow side position in a coxin steered boat.
The Four: is when you only have four men driving the boat.
The Single Scull: A one manned boat requiring complete concentration with two oars one for each hand.

Regattas are the special occasions when the rowers congregate to a single location to row against each other for the worst 5 minutes of their life.

One training technique for the rowers is the Erg (Ergometer for long). This metal contraption evolved from the ancient torture devices of which the enemy would remove all skin from the victims hands and force them to row two thousand kilometers resulting in death.

It is believed that the Vikings were one of the many historical cultures of whom would row regularly through storms and oceans driving them bloodthirsty and ready to pillage the first town they would come accross.
Cmon boys get yer tape its rowing time!
by Quitz February 03, 2008
Hopeless process of destroying one's self in an attempt to move a Buoyancy - Operated - Aquatic - Transport mechanism, a.k.a. 'boat'. This futile act of throwing one's body limply against a long, plastic - and - wood (or metal) stick (also known as an 'oar') and thrashing one's arms about caused much pain and distress in the High Middle Ages, or around the 12th or 13th century, when many were expected to actually succeed at doing this on the trade vessels that were in fashion at the time.

Modern futility experts estimate that the people who continue to practice of this exercise will eventually die out due to natural selection and lack of reproductive ability.
Example of a rowing - related exclamation:
"Rowing practice; shit!"
by Xethro Gensh June 19, 2015
A sport in which 1 to 8 people sit on a seat going backwards while most likely being steered by a coxswain. Rowing also called crew, is one of the most physically demanding sports ever created working every major muscle group in your body. People on the same crew team typically become like family because of the constant travel to regattas to race.
I do rowing and don't have time for anything else. My legs always hurt after rowing.
by ShamSham May 21, 2007
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