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Raping a 400 pound woman from behind thus making her flailing arms appear like oars: big, meaty oars.
Boy #1: Hey lets go to the diabetic clinic and pole the row boat.
Boy #2: Okay, but I call the one with the neck waddle and the super fupa.

by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
15 22
A politically correct word to say retard.
That Fiji kid sucks at horseshoes. He must be a rowboat.
by Fiji sucks dick for coke March 16, 2010
22 8
A wrigling and smacking of ones penis against a pair of nice breasts very quickly back and forth
I rowboated the shit out of those titties last night.
by Chris, Scottie, and Nick May 09, 2006
42 29
The act of motor-boating (making a noise and rubbing your fact between some titties)
on a lady with small boobies.
Dude, I Row-boated that Donna chick with the small tits back it seventh grade.
by Ojizzum July 17, 2008
9 3
girl sits between 2 guys and jerks them off at the same time
girl sits between 2 guys and jerks them off at the same time....rowin' the boat
by tyler April 25, 2005
20 15
Having simultaneous doggy style intercourse with 2 partners with the aid of a dildo attached to the back.
Dude, those chicks totally strapped a dong on me and we went at it rowboat style!
by Kaber July 26, 2005
16 13
The act of female giving two handjobs and a blowjob simultaneously.
John: "Dude, that girl gave all three of us a rowboat."

Jacob: "Dam, what a whore."
by RowboatMan December 23, 2010
10 8
The act of a passenger riding in a vehicle leaning outside of an open window performing a paddle gesture with one's arms while the driver passes a car going down a road.
Dude, rowboat this car to the right while I make the pass.
by thevillager December 16, 2009
3 2