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A woman who has a different club pulled out of her at least 18 times a day (no sexual reference here)
Paris Hilton
Pamela Anderson
Heidi Fleiss and
Tara Reid

are all golfbags.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
someone who selects to rent or buy books by the smell of the pages.
Sally was at the library one day roaming the shelves. She would grab a hand full of books and smell the pages. She would only check out books that had the most pleasing smells to the pages so that she could smell them before going to bed. Sally was a class II page sniffer.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
a used tampon that is hidden so it will smell up the room.
Sally was fighting with her boyfriend for the final time. She could no longer handle the fact that he liked to watch Mr. Rogers during lovemaking. Right after they had sex she told him it was over and proceeded to leave a grenade pin under his pillow so that he would find it weeks later. Or soonder depending upon the smell factor.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
Raping a 400 pound woman from behind thus making her flailing arms appear like oars: big, meaty oars.
Boy #1: Hey lets go to the diabetic clinic and pole the row boat.
Boy #2: Okay, but I call the one with the neck waddle and the super fupa.

by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
another name for a swinger party
Margarito was a regular at his town cruise ships when a woman by the name of Margarita showed up. Yea end of story.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
when you pull out during anal sex and sign your name on their back with your poopy dick.
Don: You feel so good inside my ass....lets do this tomorrow...actually, lets get tatoos together.
Steve: I love you too, so for now I will just give you the john hancock.
Don: What is that?
Steve: Its when I sign your back.
Don: With what?
Steve: My dick.
Don: thats kinky. uh ah uh ah.....dont hurt me.
by pbrgirl September 23, 2005
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