Variant spelling of ROFL that only people who aren't familiar enough with chatspeak use. They try to make others believe this is the one to write instead.
Person: Dude, a lvl 50 guy just got pwned by a noob in WoW!

Other person: ROTFL!!

Person: It's ROFL! Don't you know chatspeak at all?

Other person: What's chatspeak?

Person: wtf are you on here for if you don't know?
by xzfs April 25, 2008
chat speak for 'rolling on the floor laughing'
dishdafish90: u know wat i hate?
aut52517: idk. wat?
dishdafish90: peas
aut52517: great. now u have me ROTFL!
by evile February 05, 2006
Remember of the fat lady OR Rolling on the floor laughing.
( Abbreviations ) Similar to Lmfao
Sue: Yeah... I had nightmares!
Bob: Me too!


Shrek: hey.
Donkey: hey...
Donkey: Guess What?
Shrek: What?
Donkey: Chicken Butt!!!
Shrek: ROTFL!!!
by Jonna99 June 06, 2009
Rolling on the floor "not laughing". A Retarded or bored person.
Chris:Wazzup John. John:Ur a Noob. Chris:Rotfl
by J.ontee April 15, 2008

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