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Meals, Ready to Eat- military field rations
also: Meals Rejected by the Enemy or Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
Instead of some 'hot chow' today, all we got was an MRE.
by shitass September 09, 2003
prepackaged food carried by the armed forces for use on the field during battle (an initialism that is often reinterpreted by soldiers that don't like them hence terms like meals rejected by the enemy)
My brother onced remarked that he would not mind having an MRE.
by Light Joker November 27, 2006
Military acronym originally meaning "Meal, Ready to Eat."

Modern MRE's generally consist of a main course, bread and spread (grape jelly, strawberry or blackberry jam, jalepeno cheese, etc.), a desert (pound cake, M&M's,), powdered drinks, a condiment package, and a heating element (in case the soldier is interested in a semi-hot meal). Each MRE, when fully consumed, is approximately 2000 calories, the suggested daily caloric intake for an average person.

The quality of MRE's has consistently improved, though when compared to other food, it is still FUBAR. This explains why MRE's have several derisive terms:

- Meals Rejected by Everyone
- Meals Rarely Enjoyed
- Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
- Meals Rejected by the Enemy
- Meals Refusing to Exit*

There are methods of enjoying an MRE so that it's not particularly terrible. "The Ranger Cookbook" is an unoffical military document which provides the soldier an effective means of mixing and matching MRE's so as to have the most enjoyable meal possible.

* This acronym may be outdated; supposedly, the gum included in the condiments package is a mild laxative.
During the bag drag, my flight made sure we had six MRE's to a person. We'd worry about who was getting the shittier menus later.
by FlippinKamikaze September 30, 2015
The M.R.E.'s are a vacuum packed high calorie food pack that contains enough food for one meal . M.R.E.'s are so disgusting that they are known as three lies in a bag . Also the inspiration for Ranger cooking .
Private Pile took the crackers and chocolate mix from his M.R.E. and made some ranger pudding.
by ubertech August 24, 2009
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A meal Designed by the military to sustain soldiers while in combat..M.R.E Meal Ready to Eat
jonny ate an M.R.E during his tour in Iraq
by johnny59 August 31, 2007
An affirmation or affirmative response consistent with "Yes". Certain cat owners detect the utterance of the pets as more like "mreow" than "meow". Mres is thought to be a contraction of yes with cat sound, mreow, along with yes.
Have you been a good kitty? Mres, you've been a good kitty!
by Mongenfish March 16, 2015
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