Roll On The Floor Laughing
if you are talking on AOL Instant Messenger:

Guy 1- Yeh man, and then he died.

Guy 2- Ha ha, im ROTFL.

Guy 1- Man, he died, its not that funny.
by NameBrand October 18, 2006
Text talk or IM lingo for "Rolling on the floor laughing." ROTFL is the same as ROFL. No one really uses ROTFL or ROFL, most people just use LOL or LMAO or LMFAO.
uglybitch1234imawhore: ur a loser
5678imasturbate: ROTFL
uglybitch1234imawhore: dude, thats not even funny, and ppl dont even use rotfl anymore, they use lol
5678imasturbate: kk then LOLOLOL IM HIGH
'uglybitch1234imawhore has signed off.'
by 1234 I Declare a THUMB WAR December 22, 2008
chat speak for 'rolling on the floor laughing'
dishdafish90: u know wat i hate?
aut52517: idk. wat?
dishdafish90: peas
aut52517: great. now u have me ROTFL!
by evile February 05, 2006
Remember of the fat lady OR Rolling on the floor laughing.
( Abbreviations ) Similar to Lmfao
Sue: Yeah... I had nightmares!
Bob: Me too!


Shrek: hey.
Donkey: hey...
Donkey: Guess What?
Shrek: What?
Donkey: Chicken Butt!!!
Shrek: ROTFL!!!
by Jonna99 June 06, 2009
Rolling on the floor "not laughing". A Retarded or bored person.
Chris:Wazzup John. John:Ur a Noob. Chris:Rotfl
by J.ontee April 15, 2008

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