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To try to pay lower /unrealistically low amount
this girl tried to lowball me out of two books for 70 dollars
by triple h January 26, 2005
200 26
To try to pay lower /unrealistically low amount of pay to an employee than they actually deserve
These motherfuckers almost lowballed me on this job.
by Jaepil Seo January 07, 2005
136 50
to keep askin for a lower price when buying something from a hustler
hustler: fer 50
buyer: naw how bout 30
hustler: quit tryin to low ball me, fool
by anonymous January 20, 2005
82 16
to move slowly.
The microbus is lowballing along the road.
by uttam maharjan February 08, 2013
9 30
Meaning a little bit
She lowball look like Halle Berry huh?
by Ha Elabegezzaa December 17, 2009
19 126