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To try to pay lower /unrealistically low amount
this girl tried to lowball me out of two books for 70 dollars
by triple h January 26, 2005
To try to pay lower /unrealistically low amount of pay to an employee than they actually deserve
These motherfuckers almost lowballed me on this job.
by Jaepil Seo January 07, 2005
to keep askin for a lower price when buying something from a hustler
hustler: fer 50
buyer: naw how bout 30
hustler: quit tryin to low ball me, fool
by anonymous January 20, 2005
A sales tactic in which an item or service is offered at a lower price than is actually intended to be charged, after which the price is raised to increase profits.

See also: Bait and Switch
The car dealer lowballed us on the price of the car and tried to charge us for $1,000 more than what we agreed to!
by Tsukit January 07, 2015
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