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A cheap store that looks like a bomb went off in it. Its a place where you can buy cheap clothes, but can only find one of each item, because everything is so disorganized and out of place.

If you do happen to find something you like (which is close to impossible), check it thoroughly, because it probably has a hole in it or something has been spilled on it, dont think you got a good deal on 12 shirts for a dollar.

This store is also filled with tons of people that have 6 kids and are all running around and left unattended.
i was gonna buy some jeans that a found for a buck in the silverware department at Ross, but they were missing the zipper.

Ross is such a cheap store.
by jeordiewwhite July 04, 2008
a definate fag who skips school for no apparent reason and is gay in every way possible because he eats thin mints.
That guys such a ross.
by em29 March 08, 2010
Adjective originated from miami rapper, "Rick Ross". Ross can be used to replace any adjective in a part of speech. Depending on the subject and context of the conversation, "Ross" can be a negative word, or a positive word. A person can almost always tell whether "Ross" is a positive or negative adjective, by what the person using the word is describing.
Person 1: "Dude, that party was fuckin ross!"

Person 2: " I don't know man, i thought it was pretty bunk"


Person 1: "What!? there's science homework? thats fucking ross..."

Person 2: "tell me about it.."
by Ryan J C November 23, 2007
Something very white.

Normally used as reference of a car, but can also be used to decribe other white objects.

Rapper, Rick Ross' lyric from "Hustlin"

Who the fuck you think you fuckin' with, I'm the fuckin' boss/
Seven forty-five, white on white that's fuckin' Ross/
by JHOSS April 29, 2007
an extremely weird fellow who likes to have sex constantly everyday. if he doesnt get sex he then deficates on his partners chest. he also is allergic to condoms and has made it possible to get a man pregnant. he also grunts and moans whie sex. when he's taking a break he gets errections from thinking of windex.
that ross guy wants to never stop the sex and its starting to hurt.
by sammyjammy January 17, 2009
a hoe, shone, bitch, slut
yea that gurl a ross man you can fuck tonight if you want
by nike_kidd March 03, 2009
Verb, To be sitting in a restaurant or social setting and attempt to pass a small portion of gas. During this emission, a small portion of mud expels resulting in a serious underwear issue. Common repercussions include having your name turned into a verb for shitting yourself, months of ridicule, and having to sit in poo for hours pretending like it didn’t happen.

Other common names for "Ross"ing: Shart, Gamble and Lose, Gas before Mass.
During my job interview I had to fart really bad, I attempted to release the gas in small increments but ended up Rossing myself. Needless to say I did not get the Job and had to free ball the rest of the day.
by Give me that Bike jerk April 13, 2006