Verb, To be sitting in a restaurant or social setting and attempt to pass a small portion of gas. During this emission, a small portion of mud expels resulting in a serious underwear issue. Common repercussions include having your name turned into a verb for shitting yourself, months of ridicule, and having to sit in poo for hours pretending like it didn’t happen.

Other common names for "Ross"ing: Shart, Gamble and Lose, Gas before Mass.
During my job interview I had to fart really bad, I attempted to release the gas in small increments but ended up Rossing myself. Needless to say I did not get the Job and had to free ball the rest of the day.
by Give me that Bike jerk April 13, 2006
A total skank. A person who uses others for money, drugs, and alcohol. A general mooch of the system. Steps all over their friends. Beware of a ross.
"Dude, you've got head lice, cockroaches, and the bad news. What happpened?"

"Yeah, I let a Ross move in. I got totally rossed."
by fa_q February 26, 2009
A total skank. Mooches off of friends, family, and society as a whole. Aspires to absolutely nothing in life and is destined to be a complete waste of space.
Normal Person: "Hey, did you find a job yet?"
A Ross: "No. I'm going to stay on unemployment and welfare until it runs out. Then I'll find a job, get fired, and cheat the system yet again."
by Anti-Skank-619 January 30, 2009
a morbidly obese chipmunk that has really hott friends. Rosses are usually found hitting on Maddies who are hitting on Jacks. adj.: rosselicious. resembling a morbidly obese chipmunk.
ew, that kid over there is so ross. look at those multiple chins.
by collyyy September 21, 2007
A name commonly given to people that lack intelligence, and pretty much every other character trait that could be considered positive.
There goes Ross, what a complete waste of life.
by Huck104 July 25, 2008
A skinny emo bitch, usually with a penis of length four to five inches. Usually has his girl or bitch fuck around with his best friend. Straightens his hair, listens to bitch pop punk. 1 beer=Drunk. 2 hits=high. Usually has severe ADD and sucks at flirting.
Damn man. Maren totally fucked with baker. Shame that guy was such a Ross.
by Snood dizzle January 18, 2009
one who has an obnoxious laugh and is a flamer and a firecrotch...
Dude, look at that Ross over there! Let's go pick him up!
by dcrawf February 04, 2008

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