Something very white.

Normally used as reference of a car, but can also be used to decribe other white objects.

Rapper, Rick Ross' lyric from "Hustlin"

Who the fuck you think you fuckin' with, I'm the fuckin' boss/
Seven forty-five, white on white that's fuckin' Ross/
by JHOSS April 29, 2007
a definate fag who skips school for no apparent reason and is gay in every way possible because he eats thin mints.
That guys such a ross.
by em29 March 08, 2010
Verb, To be sitting in a restaurant or social setting and attempt to pass a small portion of gas. During this emission, a small portion of mud expels resulting in a serious underwear issue. Common repercussions include having your name turned into a verb for shitting yourself, months of ridicule, and having to sit in poo for hours pretending like it didn’t happen.

Other common names for "Ross"ing: Shart, Gamble and Lose, Gas before Mass.
During my job interview I had to fart really bad, I attempted to release the gas in small increments but ended up Rossing myself. Needless to say I did not get the Job and had to free ball the rest of the day.
by Give me that Bike jerk April 13, 2006
The asshole.

When calling someone an asshole you are calling them a Ross. This name usually comes with punk ass cocky personality. Most likely has a drinking and smoking problem, and can't keep girls. Ross' tend to also be sex addicts, of what little they can get.

Gay guys crave him and girls use him.
Gay guy talking to best galfriend: oooh look at him.
Girl: eww that is such a Ross.
by HyperxxxKitty March 22, 2009
a hoe, shone, bitch, slut
yea that gurl a ross man you can fuck tonight if you want
by nike_kidd March 03, 2009
A total skank. Mooches off of friends, family, and society as a whole. Aspires to absolutely nothing in life and is destined to be a complete waste of space.
Normal Person: "Hey, did you find a job yet?"
A Ross: "No. I'm going to stay on unemployment and welfare until it runs out. Then I'll find a job, get fired, and cheat the system yet again."
by Anti-Skank-619 January 30, 2009
A total skank. A person who uses others for money, drugs, and alcohol. A general mooch of the system. Steps all over their friends. Beware of a ross.
"Dude, you've got head lice, cockroaches, and the bad news. What happpened?"

"Yeah, I let a Ross move in. I got totally rossed."
by fa_q February 26, 2009
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