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During the act of a threesome (two guys, one girl) one guy stands at each end of the girl, who is on all fours, both men insert into the end facing them. It looks as if their shlongs connect in the middle as the motion starts.
Therefore, their shlongs is the rope that comes out of both ends of the girl.
(The timing has to be right in order to keep the rope the same length and look believable.
shlong = -
Roping my girlfriend's sister would be frikin sweet.
by Murphmasta June 04, 2006
Tying a rope around a penis and pulling until it falls off. Then place penis on your forehead like a unicorn, and insert into a small woodland creature's butt-hole.
I tried roping lastnight, it didn't work out too well.
by kuge wang February 25, 2011
Blasting off seman 20+mph to impact a fine young feline's box wholes. With each rope being it's own individual burst of salty egg white mass.
I usual start off roping the box 3-5 times, then bringing my battle toad up to fire off 2 more gracious spurts, one to sticky the belly button, and the other patching her right eye.
The last few ropes are exceedingly harder to fire off than the first, with the 8 roper being the holy grail of orgamisation
by steeevrr balls skating December 10, 2006

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