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Slang for a males cum.
Yo man just left, I'm the plimber tonight, you the healthy type so here go some egg whites. -Pitbull
by the person who is September 19, 2009
Slang for "A modern-day prophet" (either true or false). Derives from E.G. White (Ellen Gould White) the prophetess of Seventh-day Adventism.
BOB: Have you heard about that egg white in Florida called "Yahweh Ben Yahweh"?

JOE: Yeah, I call that fried egg white!
by Isaiah Fourman January 27, 2009
Person 1: Yo I'm gonna put my dick in this bottle to see if it gets stuck.

Person 2: Yo that is so egg whites.
by sassyTAfan March 06, 2014
Another word for semen. Also used by the rapper Pit Bull in his song Hotel Room Service: "oh, you're the healthy type, well, here goes some egg whites."
Girl 1: Remember that nasty scene from American Pie where she spits his egg whites into the water glass after giving him a BJ? SICK.

Girl 2: Yeah. But I've totally done it.

Girl 1: Yeah, me too. It's actually way more convenient than running to the bathroom to spit it out.

Girl 2: For sure. Gotta have that water glass on the nightstand!
by offya December 21, 2011
A woman's breasts, or tits. The nipples are the 'yolk of the egg' and the rest is the 'white.'
From "Bedrock" by Young Money

1. Be on my low starch, be on my egg whites.

2. That girl has sum huge egg whites.
by DJ CJV December 08, 2010
Small circular area such as that around the human nipple also known as areola.
1) She has egg white the size of dinner plates!
2) Her egg whites are very sensitive
by fresh^ May 22, 2007
The only part of the egg that tastes good
"The wife made some eggs and the goddamn retard popped the yolk, so now I have to eat the whole motherfucking thing instead of just the egg white."
by assfault November 13, 2003
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