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1. A Kiwi/Australian slang that is used in place of the more commonly used term "fuck."
1. You're rooted! (You're fucked)
2. If ya wanna root just ask! (If ya wanna fuck just ask)
3. Roots Rocks! ( A slogan on a popular Canadian brand of clothing (Roots)
by Winston Wan January 08, 2003
Getting laid.
Vaginal penetration with the penis.
Me and that chick had mad roots.
by C.O.P July 05, 2011
A slang term meaing to have sexual inercourse. Commonly used on internet forums, message boards and chatrooms.

Can b applied to sex between male and female or male and male.
Does not imply that condoms are or are not used, it merely describes the action of sexual intercourse.
I would like to root her.

She is very rootable.

I have not had a decent root for ages.
by The Lord of Southfields February 07, 2010
Whoever posted the example below forgot to include the all-important comma:
A kiwi is a creature that eats, roots and leaves.
by anonymous right back at ya March 05, 2006
What a plant uses to extract water and nutrients from the soil.
Dandelions are hard to get rid of because their deep roots can break off and regenerate the plant that is pulled out.
by AYB April 03, 2003
Australian slang for fuck
"a girl look happy in the bed, she pulls out a potatoe, POTATOE its good enough to root"

"Its the root vegitable"
by chiga June 08, 2005
Slang: (verb; to root) when a girl sticks her hand down the front of a guys pants and grabs him by the "roots"
"Dude, that chick totally rooted me last night!"
by Tarabelle July 17, 2012
drinking game that involves the use of Beer and Ping Pong Paraphernalia; such as, Ping Pong Balls and Ping Pong Tables. 15 red cups on each side of table in a triangle formation. Players are required to drink the beer from any of their cups into which the opponent throws a ball. The first player to hit all their opponent's cups wins. The loser is required to drink whatever beer is left on the table (in opponent's cups). For sanitary reasons a cup of water is kept at either end of the table to wash the balls off after each throw, but if you've ever played you know it doesn't really help
In root, you drink them as I sink them.
by rootchamp June 07, 2011
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