Cute men in kilts. From the Houston pipe-and-drum band, the Rogues of Scotland.
I'm going to see the Rogues at the Duck this weekend.
by La Femme Vickita November 01, 2004
A disaffiliate of a Greek Organization.
The rogues keep walking onto the porch, tell them to fuck off and take up a GDI.
by nantucketsFinest May 11, 2011
A term from Palo Alto meaning "brothers" or "buddies".
Yo, what up, bro? I was hangin wit my rogues ta other day.
by Justin Kinkoidinator August 10, 2003
a veriozn wireless cell phone. it's a piece of shit, complete waste of money.
wow, i really hate my samsung rogue.
by beccakate October 23, 2010
Australian term for getting drunk, trashed, pissed.
Ben- "We're gonna get rogue tonight"
Matt-"Fuck Oath!!"
John-" Laura was so rogue last night she was throwing up everywhere"
by rachel2792 December 06, 2007
Used by Jocks to describe anything uncommon or especially strange
MATE, that banter is rogue
here this kid is pure rogue
by Ben Weymes September 07, 2007
Understood to mean 'different' a stray from what one would find usual or appropriate. This specific definition of the word was used extensively by CP and MEAT as part of their "HERO faith".
"last night was as rogue as fuck"
by dw March 23, 2003
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