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I'm korean. I'm sorry that talk about irrelative 'samsung'. I don't speak English well, but I want to tell you true.
Most of korean never eat dog. And most of korean hate them who eat dog. They who eat dog are senior, and will pass away soon.
Eating dog will be illegal by law.
So, don't biased about Korean.
p.s. I have two dogs, and they are our family. I love them.
Most koreans never eat dog without few people.(Samsung is company)
by hwogok May 16, 2006
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A South Korean company that produces variety of electronics. Like LG or Sony.

They do insurance, food, construction thnings in Korea as well. huge company...
Samsung makes good cell phones, mp3 players and LCD stuff! Their laptops are crappy thou!
by Joe 2 July 15, 2005
A company that produces a fine seris of phones including the new matrix phone.
Samsung phones are the bomb!
by Seamans May 14, 2003
To shamelessly copy
I can tell this english paper has been Samsunged by several students.

I can't believe that Janet Samsunged my new hair style.
by GustavoFring June 28, 2012
Possibly the worst phone brand known to the existence of mankind
Idiot: Dude, my phone won't load, the camera is broken, my messages delete and i can't get any good apps

Guy: Sounds like you have a samsung
by ihatemysamsung August 19, 2012
A Company which copies Apple products and then assumes that their product is unique.
Apple: Dude you totally copied our iphone and macbook line!

Samsung: No! what are you talking about?! They look practically the same but I didnt copy the shapes, the icons and the buttons even though they're identical.

Apple: Fine! I'll sue you then

Samsung: Fine! Then I'll counter sue!

Apple: For what?

Samsung: I dunno, I'll think of something...
by The_Crown October 04, 2012
one who helps us come
samsung means to come
by SEX IS FUN!!!!!! April 10, 2004
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