Blokes who consistently dwell in that gray area between chivalry and misogyny. A man whom's idea of a good time is risking life and limb to defend a maiden's honor (as long as the possibility of profit or nookie is in the bargain. Some role models: Han Solo, James T.Kirk, Bill Thorpe, Duncan McLeod, Henry Miller, The Gray Mouser, James Bond, Lance Druger*, D'Artagnan
Typically found at Renfaires
Did you see that Rogue buying that wench an ale?
by Lililth79 September 24, 2007
Meaning Brothers or Homies, But From East Palo Alto not Palo Alto there are Too Rich, Old and White.
what's up rogues, what's upper?
by JHades November 05, 2005
If something is rogue then that something is generally accepted as being cool, legit, or goon. It can be pronounced as rogue, or rojay.
Alex: Chris, remember when we went snowboarding last year?!
Chris: yea!! Those jumps were sick!
Alex: nah man, they were rogue!!
by ayegee February 09, 2010
a ghetto term for dude that orginated from east palo alto

naw rogue, i caint go to dat party on saturday, i have S.A.T prep.
by Alisi October 03, 2006
1) sneaky,sly,or dangerous
2)someone turned evil
1)that rogue is going to steal a car
2)the rogue agent betrayed me
by rovert March 05, 2006
1.Best DnD class, he will save your ass more then once, he can Tank if he has to he can use magic items if need be, and when he gets his sneak attack its deadly, and he can talk he way through most tight spots. 2. Tommy
*The monk misses aand almost hit rogue, the ranger misses, the wizard casts mage armor, the rogue kills the stupid demon* Rogue: That was easy

Wizard: How do you know it's like the last one?
Rogue: I don't
Wizard: Then why are you doing the same thing
Rogue: If this doesn't work I'll just try something different
by Orodreth January 06, 2005
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