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a show where homies from all ova go cuz they got no life and cant get laid unless they are on a show.
by JAZZ July 31, 2003
2 3
The worst fucking TV show ever. Next to the Real World.
I watched Road Rules, and I was forced into drinking bleach. Forgive me, mother!
by SHOH July 31, 2003
3 4
1. A reality TV show where 20 something year olds travel around the world in an RV
2. Rules of the road
I was watching Road Rules last night
by anonymous July 31, 2003
6 7
lame show on mtv
shit, how many times are they going to show road rules today, why don't they show videos?
by Matt Zero July 31, 2003
1 2
kick ass show that puts a bunch of people in a winneabago and make them do stuff they'd never do in real life
Road Rules south pacific was crazy!
by stephanie Neubeck July 28, 2003
0 1
a stupid MTV show.
lame man, let's watch road rules
by Mellie July 27, 2003
2 3
a weird show where they take 6 idoits and have them do idiotic challenges and then they get awsome prizes for being guy they also hook up then never c each other again
Road Rules is a gay show
by popopo July 27, 2003
2 3