The term used when you have to decide just what you wanna' do to the guy in the next lane that just cut you off, and almost killed you.
"That's it! Road Rules apply, and now it's my turn.."
by satternut July 18, 2003
a)rules put in place to protect people who can't drive.
b) Rules put in place to annoy people who can drive
Damn that new 40km in streets road rule!
by Da Docta July 18, 2003
A group of people recruited by MTV to do ridiculously lame missions in a winnabago with a fake cow skull on the hood. The road rules team usually consists of a big breasted hot chick, a black man who starts fights everyone who is usually the outcast, a gay man/and or lesbian, etc.
I'd rather masturbate to Madonna than watch Road Rules.
by Travis July 17, 2003
one of the original reality shows, this MTV series puts 7 people that they figure won't get along very well in an RV, send them on random missions to earn money,and let them live (and get in fights) together in front of cameras for a few months.
If you like reality TV you can watch Road Rules on MTV.
by hazeyshadeofgrey July 17, 2003
a show on mtv about people who live together and they are filmed for absolutely no reason.
dont watch road rules
by Penis Man July 15, 2003
A TV show on MTV where 6 people 18-24 are chosen to live together in a RV and performe hard missions in order to obtain prizes. If a mission is failed they will have consiquences.
"Did you see that Veronica girl from Road Rules?"
by whatsupman July 15, 2003
A show on MTV where a group of people drive around in a winnebago and do stupid shit for money.
He man, that crazy bitch on road rules just ate a cockroach!
by christina July 14, 2003
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