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A tv show on MTV, that casts 7 people to live together on an RV and travel around the world and compete to win money and other prizes.
by indi July 29, 2003
2 2
Some things you don't have to obey...
Road rules? What are those?
by Your father July 12, 2003
0 0
Horrible TV show.
Wow, people travelling and arguing at the same time...haven't seen that before.
by road rules sucks July 12, 2003
2 2
a show on mtv where people travel around the world in a RV completeing challeges in order to win prizes and money. (Reality tv show)
by blondie July 12, 2003
1 1
a show that makes your heart heavy and your prostate weak
when i watch road rules my bowels well up and i rech all over my cat
by Hobo joe August 02, 2003
0 1
what are road rules?
by Dan August 01, 2003
0 1
Fucking shitty ass show
"Hey, I'm not going to watch season 137 of Road Rules cause it fucking sucks!"
by The Stupid Show August 01, 2003
4 5