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Fuck Off And Die
He don'tlike me anymore he told me to just FOAD.
by blondie April 12, 2003
"Sod-off" is British slang meaning to f@$#* off!
I was so bloody mad I told the bloke to just sod-off!
by Blondie February 15, 2005
A shirtlifter is a homosexual male.
A homosexual male who lifts his shirt to allow sexual access to his same sex partner.
by Blondie February 15, 2005
A "bonnet" is British meaning the hood of an automobile.
To access the engine block I was required to lift the bonnet.
by Blondie February 15, 2005
In the British Isles, a "torch" is a flashlight.
To explore dark places at night, a torch may well be required.
by Blondie February 15, 2005
The Habu is a deadly venomous snake native to the island of Okinawa, Japan.
When in the jungle, beware of the Habu!
by Blondie February 15, 2005
used in the context of "she's got one in the oven." implying that a woman is pregnant.
after sleeping with joe, she realized that she might have one in the oven.
by blondie January 05, 2004
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