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giving a blowjob while in the car.
Preferably when the car is moving.
"Natalia totally gave Ryan Rainbows road dome on the way to Rachel's house."
by rachel w June 21, 2007
the act of recieving fellatio (i.e. dome) from a fine ass dime while operating a motor vehicle
man i almost swerved off of 85 this girl was givin such dank road dome
by andrew l November 28, 2005
road dome is recieving oral sex while driving on a trip somewhere
we always brought kelly along on vacation since she gave such thorough road-dome.
by stratego1321 April 30, 2005
the best way to get head... it is when you get head while driving, very enjoyable and pleasurable, it is also illegal so watch out for the fuzz
OMG, i was driving scott's sister elaine home and she thanked me by giving me road dome, the best ever!!
by Chinkmister69 June 08, 2011
The act of giving or receiving oral sex while in or driving a vehicle.
My boyfriend was giving me such amazing road dome that my pleasure spasms caused me to swerve off of the road.
by Goose1109 February 07, 2011
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