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a bad ass with a big dick
That hot dude is a russ.
by SOMEONE May 02, 2004
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"Russ" is a tradition and cultural phenomenon in Norway. Students who graduate from upper secondary school / High School /College, are called "Russ", and celebrate with the characteristic festivities (russefeiring) during the first few weeks of May. With the main celebration on the 17th of May, the Norwegian constitution day.

The "Russ" wear uniforms with their respective colours (Depending on their education, and school. Red, blue, black and green, are the most common colors).
Attached to the special cap is a tassel at the end of a long string, in which they tie knots, often around various items that are rewards for completing assignments listed on the "Russ knot" list. This cap is seldom used before the "russ baptism", which is usually held during the night to May 1.
"The Russ knots are totally crazy this year",
Translation: "Russeknutene er helt syke i år!"

If you are a Russ, you are bound to get this question from more then once. (mostly from kids who collect the cards):
"Can I have a Russ card please!?"
Translation: "Kan jeg få russekort!?"
A sentence you will love to hate as a Russ.
by Little Viking May 15, 2008
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norwegian graduates who wear red or blue overalls. They drink, party, fuck and celebrate graduation before the exams. Musts for russ: miamibass/dubstep music, beer, condoms, smoke, snus and paracept
they use over a year to prep buses and vans and give them themes and names before the celebrations. some use over 10.000$ on the preparations.

The celebration lasts about 20 days.

so pretty much it's 20 days of "happy hour".
ola: hey, why doesn't Truls get to gratuate?
kari: he was to busy being a russ before the exams so he failed them all
ola: that's russ for you!

Monika: Jonas just made out with a police woman!!
Marius: russen are crazy!
by leximaxify May 12, 2011
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(n) a dick move, mistreatment
Kid 1: Hey can I have the last cookie?
Kid 2: No
Kid 1: Russ!

Kid 3: Ay Pablo!

(Kid 1 hits Kid 2 in a douchbaggy way)
Kid 2: Ow, stop russin'!
by Ronaldo Getsmoney November 23, 2010
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The method of measuring your vehicle's performance by the use of YouTube videos of other people's vehicles instead of gathering actual data using your own.
Once I went to Stage One in my GTI, I was stompin' those GT Mustangs man...Hell I Russ a flat 13 now, they can't compete with me!
by TXRTripod May 11, 2011
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1. juice 2. vagina juice oozing 3. sweet drink 4. sticky liquid that is often sweet in taste
The joy of pudi russ was more than one can handle.
by Robert Gradin May 24, 2007
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