1. A "reality" television show on MTV comprised of immature humans co-existing in the same enviroment who are barely old enough to drink alcohol responsibly and all act like thirteen-year-olds."
why the fuck are you watching road rules? if you watch it it's gonna stay on the air dummy.
by daequan July 20, 2003
One shitty ass show. Proves that Music Television has forgotten its previous objective, which was presenting music videos for the public to enjoy.
Full House is a better show than Road Rules.
by Bob Saget July 14, 2003
some MTV show. Also see gay
if i have to see another episode of road rules, i will tear your spinal cord out of your back and strangle you with it.
by Lando July 12, 2003
Whoever is bigger, wins.
18-wheeler v. Hyundai, head on, at 80 MPH. Who do you think will win?
by Who Cares July 25, 2003
a reality television show that originated on MTV that has 6 people live in a motor home, travel, and complete missions such as bungee jumping or eating bugs for money and prizes.
That guy Donell from the show "road rules" really sucks!
by stillettobob July 18, 2003
The common courtesies extended by drivers to one another; the ethics of the four-way stop; philosophy of turn signals
1. Man, he didn't even signal! Doens't he know road rules?
2. Bastard cut me off! Road rule-ingnorant $^#^%^!@
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
Another show made for people in collage and/or living in appartments. It is about people who do weird tasks while on a road trip. It is pure trash TV.
Road Rules is just another reason why MTV went downhill and will never crawl back up.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003

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