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a rabbit, in Spanish. It's fun to say, especially when on caffeine.
there is mad conejo out today.
by daequan July 20, 2003
1. A "reality" television show on MTV comprised of immature humans co-existing in the same enviroment who are barely old enough to drink alcohol responsibly and all act like thirteen-year-olds."
why the fuck are you watching road rules? if you watch it it's gonna stay on the air dummy.
by daequan July 20, 2003
someone who acts in a homosexual manner and engages in sexual intercourse with their dog
Yo that ratchet is mad lesh
by Daequan November 23, 2012
a person completely controlled by society who will never stop once in their life and realize how utterly worthless their existence is.
anyone who adds a definition on urban dictionary after there is already 5 definitions.
by daequan October 30, 2003
1. weak
1. this cornbread is 2 years old, it is so ejay.
by daequan July 20, 2003
steven lemercir
this chaud smokes too much weed and is drunk off da saki 24/7.
by daequan July 20, 2003

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