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A Bermudian conscious reggae artist signed to the Harper Digital label. Roache featured on Collie Buddz debut album with "Sensimillia"; the follow-up weed anthem to the chart topper "Come Around". Roache has a sound reminiscent to that of the late Garnet Silk and is already in heavy rotation on BBC 1Xtra radio with "Searching" which has reached top 20 status on the charts of various countries including Germany and the Virgin Islands.
Roache is climbing up the reggae charts around the world!
by DJ Pac November 08, 2007
A quadsexual, transvetite beast of the bedroom. He will do anything with or without a pulse.
Roache was attracted to both the woman, and her dog, and the desk she was sitting in.
by Ninth hour study hall February 28, 2009