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the counter-culture to hipsters.
a ripster doesnt do what they do because they want to be cool, they just do it to have fun, the result is they look cool, and people try to do it too.
by sickem shure June 24, 2005
Variety of troll who rips off other people's works, and whores them out on internet forums. Often threadcraps to elevate his or her postcount. Occasionally makes sense, but usually is just posting to hear himself or herself talk.
The ripster posted my pictures as his own, and used them to threadcrap with his fucktarded idiocy.
Rip- anything or anyone that's badass, rock n roll, and just generally fuckin rip.

Thusly a Ripster is a person who lives for that that is rip. it's simple
Ex. "You're a hipster bro"

"No way! A Ripster, maybe!"
by Promeefeus December 15, 2013
A "wanna be","biter" "poser", "sell out","pirate of pirates".

Someone so lame they try to play the part but never really walk the walk. They want everyone to "see" how cool they are and come to all of their parties by dressing and doing business the way they "see" other actual talented people do it without ever giving credit to that influence. Selling themselves as the originator of the idea only promoting themselves and never really doing anything for that specific community. Always taking with pride and never giving.
They always want you to support their parties and websites and buy from them but never really support us and what we're doing, fucking ripsters.
by JayButter August 20, 2012
A female hipster prone to whoring herself out .. she'll usually be in her metamorphosis stage from being just a regular ripper to being a full blown hipster ripper.
Let's ride our fixy bikes to blakes there's going to be soo many ripsters over there
by jonsey925 February 09, 2012
A redneck hipster.
"Wow, check out those ripsters chewing Skoal and drinking PBR at the Vampire Weekend concert."
by yipstergirl February 05, 2010
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