going so fast as to break the g-force barrier
"i'm rippin' g's!!!" proclaimed andre as he raced down the highway
by aka r3d December 15, 2007
Top Definition
surfing really well
dude did you yousee that guy ripping?? he just magurted a 360 air, then came down by landing on the face and stalled for the deepest, sickest barrel I have ever seen!!! INSAAAANE BRAH BRAH.
by george tedbetter September 21, 2006
Angry without good cause.
My girlfriend was ripping when she found out I'd slept with her best friend.
by BilleM July 14, 2006
used in the sentence "ripping a bong" where u pack the bowl so its overflowing and then hit the whole of that shit in one go.
Me: Tom is ripping the shit outta the bong
Them: Jesus its packed to overflow
by mc1 January 09, 2006
Something or someone who is really, really good.
She is a ripping dancer, Last night was ripping
by kokolaroro July 18, 2011
Making fun of someone. Used often in the popular show South Park.
Cartman: "Shut up you stupid hippy!"
Kyle: "why do always have to be ripping on people fat ass?"
to use layout codes without permission and/or remove the credits for the code
by kathykay11238 December 31, 2010

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