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31 definitions by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix

A quote from a movie called "die hard", meaning: obviously!
Usually used in phone conversations.
Supervisor: Attention, whoever you are. This channel is reserved for emergency calls only...
Detective John McClane: No fucking shit, lady! Do I sound like I'm ordering a pizza?
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 22, 2004
you naked! (here naked is a noun)
when you wanna say something random to a person with clothes on (just for joke)
you naked! get some clothes on u nasty fuckface!
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
A homi-like way of calling your cousin or budy in the hood while smoking some awesome shit or just as a joke
thug 1: Hey, jimme! Jimstermeister, wazza!
thug 2: Hey, my name aint Jimmy, fuckface!
thug 1: I know...
thug 2: Are u high?
thug 1: Yeaman wazza!
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 22, 2004
A variation of the pimp mobile. This one is used for R.A.P.
Suck it!
M: ...You're bbeiahpp right!
Dr: To the Rapmoblie!
See motherfuckface, substituting father into mother (dad into mom)
Note you may call a person of any sex a fatherfuckface or motherfuckface.
FFF stands for fatherfuckface
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix December 24, 2003
Some one who has a gay ass.
In other words someone whose ass is gay
You're such a gayass!
by whatdoyoudialtogetoutofthematrix January 21, 2004
Someone whose divine cause is to strip, strip, strip.
A d2 paladin is a holy stripper, so is the sorceress cause of the angel's, arch-angel's prefix.