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used in the sentence "ripping a bong" where u pack the bowl so its overflowing and then hit the whole of that shit in one go.
Me: Tom is ripping the shit outta the bong
Them: Jesus its packed to overflow
by mc1 January 09, 2006
a disease that causes a persons (who is so full of themselves) head to expand and makes them float several inches above the floor. may also apply to smart bastards who have an answer to everything.
tom: i hate her she's such a blimphead
me: yeah, look at her float
tom: why doesnt she STFU, she has an answer to everything!
by mc1 September 28, 2005
The rule used to play air guitar: also abreviated AGR

rule 1. No strings attached

thats the only rule

also used for when your single and are not wanting commitment
bloke 1: i took a girl back to mine last night!

bloke 2: did you play it by air guitar rules?

bloke 1: ofc mofo
by mc1 March 26, 2007
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