having defined musculature
man, he's ripped
by SenorBalls September 22, 2003
Ripped is another saying for being high. Usually said from being high off chronic.
Yo im to ripped to reach class.
by Travis360 June 08, 2006
Refers to the act of being fucked beyond belief. This phenomenon occurs with the use of marijuana, but is also related to other controlled and illegal substances.
I am so ripped. (additional words are unintelligible, as the subject is ripped)
by Todd Vanslambrouk September 15, 2003
a strong effect after smoking a lot of weed at one time
I got sooooo ripped yesterday
by Brian September 16, 2003
1. to be drunk or intoxicated to an extreme point.
2. the act of a large fart
1. Man I was so ripped last night when I decided to piss on the drunk fat girls face.
2. I ripped a huge one, had to check my chonies for spotting.
by Bud E Love September 23, 2003
High on marijuana.
"After hitting that 3-foot bong, I was so ripped I had intimate sex with a peach!"
by M0USEhunter September 21, 2003
I just smoked 14 joints and drank 67 beers. I am ripped!
by Lexicon Master September 15, 2003

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