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Verb - To rinse out.

To do something as much or as extremely as possible

Sometimes shortened to just rinse
Im gonna rinse some tunes
by anonymous November 20, 2002
48 15
The state of mind which one obtains after smoking copious amounts of Cannabis. See high.
1) Oh man, I am sooo rinseout.
2) Are ya rinseout?
by Plob August 09, 2005
49 21
intj. MC shout at a good tune to hype up the crowd
check the vibe inside - rinse out selecta!
by MC Massive August 09, 2004
38 23
a rastafarian term meaning to cleanse
when you rinse out a are cleaing the barrell by letting the bullets fly
im going to rinse out the skeletons in my closet by blowing this posicle stand...and starting anew
by damsel November 17, 2003
34 22
another definition for the term 'rinse-out' is used when describing the act of mixing or doing a mix

'you comin round for a rinse-out later?'
by Fezzer June 24, 2006
38 29
To over-indulge or use any substance or any thing. Also can be used in the past tense; Proper rinsed out over the weekend. Or "I rinsed that game" (Over-played)
Wooaah! John laad, I proper rinsed out last night.
Wooaah! John Laad, I rinsed the S Club 7 album to fuck
by Tom Stratton August 26, 2004
14 17
a word that began in toronto for going and spinning jungle records with your friends.
lets go rinseout with darksideflow

hey that was a sick rinseout
by crackie jakki October 09, 2006
24 31