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3 definitions by Fezzer

another definition for the term 'rinse-out' is used when describing the act of mixing or doing a mix

'you comin round for a rinse-out later?'
by Fezzer June 24, 2006
38 29
a word used to describe the act of mixing together two seperate records on a pair of turntables to create a mix in which both songs are beat matched and at the same speed so they sound like one new song. some people also refer to the act of mixing as a rinse-out.
'mate that was a quality mix!'

'drum and bass is the best genre of dance music to mix'

'i wish i could mix aswell as you can'
by Fezzer June 24, 2006
11 16
a word used by jocks and preps to describe the act of conversation. in a situation the observer can desribe the obsevered as good banter, for instance a fight between two girls.
'mate thats some quality banter'
by Fezzer June 22, 2006
38 69