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Lars. F has no idea what he's talking about. Italians not having anything worthwhile to add to history? Here's a nice list.
Da Vinci, Michealangelo, The Roman Empire, Marco Polo, and also not mention America was named after his navigator, also an Italian.
I could go on and on but I'm not, because now I'm go play some soccer then have a nice big dish of pasta.
Irish, Scottish, and Greek people can kiss my hairy, proud, Italian ass
by Dominic October 16, 2003
This is when a ass look so good you can bite into it.
Damn she got a juicy booty
by Dominic April 09, 2005
Contrary to popular belief, this work is acutally a verb (and not a noun as it is commonly percieved in such retarded phrases as: "I am one fly mother fucker." This is however pretty queer. Fly-->To travel through the air.
Learn how to use this word properly or else go fly of a cliff you sorry piece of illiterate shit.
by Dominic March 23, 2005
abbreviation of i love you so fuckin much
ilusfm johnny
by dominic January 02, 2004
Someone who is on top of his game.
Did you see that kid dance, yo he's doin it.
by Dominic October 02, 2003
Any bedshitting old lady who still operates in a teaching position.
OMG!! That bitch is a total Miss Bowen-Jones!

She sure fucking is; I hope she gets cancer and dies!
by Dominic June 25, 2004
Term used to describe a woman with large breasts. You unzip her top and "BOOOOM" (an explosion of breasts)
That girl (one with large breasts) is a zipper bomb
by Dominic May 15, 2004

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