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Giving someone the run around. Not being straight and to the point.
"I talked to John today about the project and he just gave me the rigamaroo!"
by Tsalagi April 16, 2004
A word which describes sillyness, and outlandish ideas. Also a word which has close relation to rubbis], and malarky except this word usually has a positive connotation.
1) (Mr. Ramirez) Who said that plants are aliens? Well that is just a load of rigamaroo.
2)He's full of rigamaroo
by topha June 08, 2006
Salami placed in the microwave to dry it out. Not to be confused with rigamaroni, which is microwaved pepperoni
YO Silvio heat me up some friggin' rigamaroo huh.

I don't know what is da deal wit Gina, her twat is like a rigamroo dat has sat in da mojave since like 1983
by Nicky Fickerella February 24, 2010
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