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A handsome and sweet boy, with the heart of gold. Can try and act hood once in a while, but for the most part is very awkward and weird. But still manages to win the heart of a certain lady.
I wish my boyfriend was a Silvio
by a-money-love November 20, 2009
An amazing person who doesn't realize how awesome he really is. He can do anything he puts his mind to and is incredibly talented. He may be oblivious sometimes, but he is the most caring and nicest guy ever.
Hey look its Silvio

Oh yeah, he's so nice and super chill.
by zAWESOMENESS<3 June 22, 2011
Demo_ani's master. Recently it's been used for way to express your desire for some anal delight.
Boy: I want to get silviod!
Girl: Let me go find my strap on. Jesus Christ Silvio for stealing away my buttsecks.
by demo_ani January 03, 2004
A sassy, classy "lightning barber" of Pro-Cutters with an arsenal of scissors, hair gel, talc, and a big bag of italian accent. Commonly uses the saying, "I make-a you look-a too good."
Dave: Are you going to go to the mall to get your haircut?
Peter: Oh my, no! I'm going to see Silvio.
by Nathan Algren July 17, 2004
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