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A subsiquent amount of douche (most likely from more than one person) which is piled together in a way that it looks as if it is a cake made of douche. It also is used as a negative way of "dissing" another chum pal or even a way to pick on someone. It is closely related to the words faggot and fag
1)Dude you are as disgusting as that douchecake.
2) Johnny is such a douchecake
by topha March 28, 2006
A word which describes sillyness, and outlandish ideas. Also a word which has close relation to rubbis], and malarky except this word usually has a positive connotation.
1) (Mr. Ramirez) Who said that plants are aliens? Well that is just a load of rigamaroo.
2)He's full of rigamaroo
by topha June 08, 2006
Dank, a is a word that means very strong or of high quality. Many, but not all times is associated with high grade marijuana. More importantly is used as an adjective, meaning really good or strong,cool, or juicy
1) That orange juice was mega dank dude!
2) I love Chris, he is soo dank
3) (Antonym) Dude Johnny is so mega undank
by topha July 17, 2006

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