When you take a shit and there isn`t enough / any toilet paper (or acceptable substitute) so you have to resort to pulling up your pants and going about your day unwiped.
- Damn man, you stink!
- Yeah Bro, there wasn't enough toilet paper in the John. I've been ridin dirty all day.
by Demonic Shuugs September 01, 2009
When a fool be ridin, and he poop his pants. He do not want to be gettin' caught "ridin dirty"
Lashawn ate so much mexican food for lunch, that later that day he was ridin dirty.
by Kip_the_cage_figher May 26, 2006
Ridin in a packed car with no A/C on a hot summer afternoon with the windows up and someone keeps farting.
Snap, we're ridin dirty!
by JBHardman August 11, 2006
1. To be caught checking out a person of the opposite sex
2. Driving a car and doing some form of Illegal activity
3. Walking around with soiled goods...
1. Guy: Dude check out the racks on those chicks... 7 o'clock... wonder how old dey be
Father of chicks with amazing racks (FOCWAR): 17 and 21
Guy 2: Damn SON you just got caught ridin' dirty by the FOCWAR fool! Lets bounce!

2. "They see me rollin'... They hatin'... Patrollin'... They try'na catch me ridin' dirty"

3. Guy 1: I need to use the toilet
*20 minutes later"
Guy 2: Whooo... What the f**k be that smell??!
Guy 1: Yo, they ran out of toilet paper... I'm ridin dirty"
Guy 2: Peace out you smelly mofo
by Blazen Hazen July 17, 2006
Ridin Dirty

1Possession of an illegal substance
2Also refers to undetermined sexual preference.
3ridin dirty - secret life bisexual/homosexuality

1. "my man was buggin out when the cops pulled him over for his tail light, cus he was ridin dirty"
2. "The girls at my school are greedy like no other, they cant choose girls or boys, they stay ridin dirty."
by Andrew Swipes June 24, 2006
Forgeting to wipe and wearing no underwear
Yo fool your pants stink, are you ridin dirty.
by Urbanian Fool June 13, 2006
When a woman sits on the gas tank of a Big Dog Pitbull motorcycle backwards facing the fine ass driver, wraps her legs around him and says, "let's go"!
She loves to go ridin dirty on his Big Dog.
by K.H. FLA June 21, 2007

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