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a word used to define something that is unbelievably ridiculous while also being quite hilarious, thereby becoming ridicularious.
The movie "Home Alone 3" is ridicularious.
by Angela March 30, 2005
something so ridiculous it's hilarious
Her sense of reality is so skewed that after getting fired, she asked if she could have a different job instead.

"No kidding! that's ridicularious! what did they say?"
"They were like, uh, no, we fired you because you are completely psycho and obviously have no clue."
by swissydom October 12, 2009
Something that is both ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

The kind of thing that makes you double blink and then laugh till tea comes out your nose.
Person A: OMG! Look at that cat shaved to look like a lion!

Person B: Haha! That's ridicularious!

Person A & Person B: Blink. Blink. Hahahahahaha!

Person B: Oh man, I need a tissue; tea just came out my nose!
by Squilbs September 01, 2011
Ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.
The boy painted his face and everyone thought he looked ridicularious.
by Mike DiMaggio February 12, 2009
Something that is so ridiculous, it takes on characteristics of hilarity.
That movie was so was ridicularious!
by RJ Levin February 10, 2009

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