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It's already a word but i like this definition better. :)

Someone who acts silly or does/says stupid things.
Oh my gosh you're such a ding bat, you almost booted that soccer ball on the roof!
by pbimpette November 07, 2009
means bull crap or bullshit.
quit talking fhlooples, i know you're lying!
by pbimpette November 07, 2009
Person who is sad, grumpy or mopey.
She's such a schmumpkin, she's been real schmumpy lately, what is she schmumping about?
by pbimpette November 07, 2009
something pimps say, to say 'cookies' instead of coolies usually in txt msging
guy1: i just totally brushed my teeth!

guy2: Cookies! imma brush mine now then!

guy1: Cookies.
by pbimpette December 08, 2009
Something that is so ridiculous it's ridiculary!
Person 1:Omg you can pause the opening credits but you cant fast forward them, this is ridiculous!

Person 2:No, its Ridiculary!
by pbimpette December 02, 2009
It's a mission and a promise!
Look i will watch Skins its a mission! It's a promise! It's a promission!
by pbimpette November 29, 2009

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