abreviation for ridiculous, best way to call someone a dick subtly
"you're RIDIC"
"you're a dick"
sounds the same
by jmaddd June 09, 2008
Top Definition
Abbreviation for ridiculous
"Those shoes are ridic."
by mizzity May 20, 2003
Invented as a response to the wholly needless shortening of hilarious to hilar.
Ben: "That's totally hilar!"
Alex: "Stop saying hilar. It's ridic."
by Alexandrina April 22, 2008
an abbreviation of ridiculous (pronounced 'ree-dick')
"Nancy has a ridic amount of hair."
by Bridgiotto January 13, 2009
ridiculous pathetic, foolish, absurd
that's so ridic
by ffb123445 September 21, 2008
short form of ridiculous; causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable: a ridiculous plan.
What you just did was so ridics!
by elaineee February 08, 2009
Synonym for Ridiculous
I say there Mister Potter, your monocle, top hat, and general attire is hecka ridic.
by Thegrinchwhostoleyou April 22, 2010
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