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A short form of the word "possibly", as this word has far too many syllables.

Note: Do not use as a short form for "possible", or you will sound like a bitchass.
Jimmy: Did you poke that girl in the ass?
Mark: Poss....
#possibly #posss #pos #possss #possssss
by stokes November 17, 2005
Short form of the word sandwich, which has way too many sillables.
That's a nice looking wich you've got there
by stokes February 29, 2004
The guy who has been on jeopardy for over a month and has won over a million dollars, more than anyone in the whole history of the show.
Ken Jennings plays again at 3. Will he get beat today?
by stokes July 21, 2004
Used as a adjective/noun
coined by Stokes
What is in Stokes' pants.
by stokes November 03, 2004
Short form of "definitely", as it flows a lot better and can be said much quicker.
Ray: Would you tap that?
Geoff: Def not!
#deff #deaf #definitely #poss #defff
by stokes November 17, 2005
The proper (and more efficient) way to say the word "ridiculous."
Dave: What'd you think of that basketball game?
Roy: Those were some ridic dunks
#ridiculous #ridiculously #key #clutch #yeyeah
by stokes November 17, 2005
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