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abreviation of hilarious, only used by the coolest of people,
buzz last night was hilar
by eyeball paul March 19, 2007
A sweet way to say hilarious without sounding like a fool.

Christ! Poncho you are just so hilar!!
by Liberachi December 04, 2005
1.Meaning lamely hilarious.
2.Making fun of someone who thinks they are funny.
That joke about seeing clearly now lorraine is gone was hilar.

'Frederik drew a penis on the table', 'Hilar'
by Max K August 11, 2004
Hilars is the short way of saying 'hilarious' without being confusing
Thats tote hilars i cant believe he fell on that banana peel
by Sexy Ninja July 02, 2009
the short version of the world "hilarious" often used when chatting via im.
"man did you see tanya fall on her ass the other day?"
"yeah that was hilar."
by hilartimesonethou April 02, 2009
Twat speak for "Hilarious", usually spoken by chino wearing young males that look like girls and couldn't change a plug or fix an engine.
Chino wearing twat #1: Did you see that guy over there wearing jeans?
Chino wearing twat #2]: No, but that sounds totes hilar!
by antifaqs March 13, 2012
Hilar is an exclamation connoting "super funny!" It is shortened from the bit pretentious hilarious, and is upbeat and in the moment. Pronunciation (Hi-LAIR)
"Too Hilar!" You response to someone telling a joke or relating a funny episode.
by Pamela Hawley September 25, 2005
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