You just got Rick Rolled!
by Strigon September 06, 2008
When a woman plays with your heart and wants to use you as a friend but wants to keep you in a state where you are in love with her, much like the lyrics of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up," where you keep pining after the female but she's just playing you, much like trolls play unsuspecting victims with a classic, internet Rickroll.
Dude, she is never gonna want you more than a friend. Why are you letting her rickroll you?
by bbblllbbblll777 September 23, 2009
A stupid joke that is overrated which ruined a great 80's song. Just because the song is so good doesn't mean that it has to be over used and reposted in fake links.

Even my inside jokes over my crush is funnier than this overrated bullshit joke, which doesn't even make sense. It isn't even funny. What the hell is the big deal?
Rick Roll is a stupid joke and only idiots would disagree with me here.
by judenihal September 25, 2010
You are given a link to something (say a video) but when you follow the link, you get something like a Rick Astley music video on Youtube - you've been rickrolled!
I finally found that Britney Spears water tub incident video but when I cliked for it I got 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. What a rickroll...
by Richard Weeks May 18, 2007
The unintentional or unwanted viewing or listening of 80's smash hit 'Never Gonna Give You Up', by Rick Astley.
- Man, some guy was playing music at a raid, and I was trying to work out what it was, but man, I got RickRolled Dude!
- Lawl!
by Anon_01 February 12, 2008
When someone deliberately links to the Rick Astley youtube music video of "Never Gonna Give You Up" on the World of Warcraft forums. It can be either a straight link or a deviating description prior to the link.

Also known as being RickRolled, Rickroll'd, or /RickRoll.
Guy1: Check out my new PVP video guys -

Guy2: WTF

by Zippyz May 20, 2007
When you are linked to a video hosted on another website, (commonly Youtube or the likes) that features a video starring Rick Astley singing his song Never Gonna Give You Up, (can be any other Rick Astley song. That one just happens to be the most popular and catchy.)
Forum Goer 1: ... Visit this link for more info
You: *Loads Site; Rick Astley starts singing* WTF?
Forum Goer 1: hahahahahahaha
You: Damn... I got rickroll'd
by legendz411 May 19, 2007

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