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People who believe Obama can do no wrong. When he does something wrong, members of the Koolaid Brigade spring into action to explain why it's either someone elses fault or that it's actually a good thing and everyone is just too dumb or too racist to understand.
Jon Stewart, Keith Olberman, and Chris Matthews are all officers in Barack's Koolaid Brigade.
by PaulTheBeav November 03, 2010
Tricking someone into clicking on a link to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" video.
Check out this vid of Lindsay Lohan's bewb falling out!


Hahahaha, you got RickRolled!
by PaulTheBeav May 27, 2007
Younger brother of John McCain. Died under suspicious circumstances after a dispute over the relative value of livestock vs produce. John McCain was considered a person of interest in the death, but the investigation stalled due to the fact that all witnesses had been dead for around 5900 years.

The investigation has recently been rekindled. John McCain calls it a witch hunt that is being orchestrated by Barack Obama. Barack Obama, who recently sent a team of 30 investigators and attorneys to Sumeria claims he has no involvement whatsoever.
McCain and McAbel were the eldest sons of McAdam and McEve.
by PaulTheBeav October 03, 2008

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