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a word used to make sexual innuendos without any repercussions , because it sounds dirty, but in reality is not
"I'd rickroll that!"
by dearbhudda April 23, 2008
A Rick Roll is a link to the Rick Astley music video "Never Gonna Give You Up", which is posted in the middle of a discussion. People click the link and are directed to the video, and are thus "Rick Rolled".

However, a Rick Roll is also a sex move, in which the man (who may sometimes be called Rick) lies on top of the woman (who may sometimes be called Roll) and they lock into each other and roll back and forth on the bed. This move is generally performed while listening to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.
"Yeah, I totally got Rick Rolled last night by some babe."
"I got Rick Rolled twice in under ten minutes."
"I love it when I get Rick Rolled."
by A Piece of Cod April 26, 2008
When you are looking for a video about a certain topic but you get a random youtube link to some retarted video!
I just got rickroll'd!
by durrik May 15, 2007
To post a provocative link title to a picture that is actually something shocking or very disgusting with the aim of tricking people to click it.
"The title on that link said 'Hot babes,' but it was a rickroll; it was a picture of an 80 yr old man"
by Sam Prost May 13, 2007
To mislead someone by taking them to the a rick roll video, instead of taking them to the one you were talking about (not related to the rick roll video).
Person 1: Here's a video that shows proof that ghosts are real!
Person 2: Thanks! *clicks on link* GOD STOP RICK ROLLING ME!
by Lala92 May 28, 2007