Originated from an image macro of a duck on wheels called, "Duck Roll" a Rick Roll is an extremely annoying meme on which the victim is tricked into clicking a link that leads to the viral video of Rick Astley singing, "Never gonna give you up."
Website: For further information on the subatomic age, click this link.
Victim: Hmmm...-click- Awww, damn! I got Rick Rolled!
by ecopper12 April 25, 2010
To 'Rick Roll' someone, is to send them a link and tell them that its an awesome video, but its Rick Astley.

If someone falls over, the proper etiquette is to shout 'Rick Roll!' at them.
btw check out this really funny video:

by Rizopotamous November 30, 2008
Internet prank that goes a little something like this:
darky091: holy fuk, MILEY CYRUS SEX TAPES!
MileysBoy4evur: WUT TEH JESUS>??
MileysBoy4evur: links or it didnt happen!1
darky091:k hold on
MileysBoy4evur: fucking cunt.
-MileysBoy4evur has left this conversation*
by this is the intrawebz August 11, 2008
Step1:copy paste this link in the address bar.
Step 2:wait for the video to load.
Step 3 Enjoy;
You just got rick rolled
by sonic123456 August 02, 2010
sarcasm on the internet
girl: look at this great dancer!
*opens video*


girl: haha u have been rickrolled.
by ilostuno September 05, 2011
Old scanky shitty meat wrapped around cheese at the last minute in a effort to make others think that you can cook.
Guy 1: Hey guys i brought food
Guy 2: What the hell is that
Guy 1: Rickrolls
Guy 2: Im not eating that shit
by jackell April 16, 2010
Something that only cocksuckers do.
I swear that I am going to inflict physical harm on the next motherfucker that Rick Rolls me.
by Altura Ranger April 05, 2010

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