People with money. First let me say not all rich people are snooty,unhappy,white people. I happen to be black and have more money than almost all of my friends (which are almost all white.) I'm quite happy and I'm rich. I'm not snooty and think I'm better than everyone else, I also give to charity and like to have people over to SHARE my stuff.

I think everyone who makes fun of rich people are mean and some are jealous. I know some rich people are stuck up snobs but that dosen't make all of us snobs. I know this rich person who is a a stuck up snob. But I know a lot of rich people and they are almost all of them are nice people.

If you aren't rich maybe if you have rich friends they will do expensive things with you. Like I have friends come over and we play Wii. For you mean and jealous people, why do you have to get mad cause we can afford a lot of nice things, and rich kids can get big allowances, if your jealous, we all get jealous sometimes but don't bash us just because your not rich!!!!!!!!!
Middle Classed Friend:Man,you have everything, a Wii, pool table, air hockey table, fuzzball table,pinball machine,ping-pong table, a house just small enough not to be considered a mansion GPS, HDTV, ipod video, every game system out there, your rich.

Rich Friend:Thx, quit talking and lets have some fun!
by Trillesimo February 27, 2008
Top Definition
(noun) Someone with a lot more money than you. As such, the definition is elastic depending on one's economic status. Usually a term applied to others rather than to oneself.
Make the rich pay! (Marxist-Leninist party of Canada campaign slogan, circa 1980)
by avgfhadsfkjbvhadsfjhbv September 02, 2006
Someone who has a lot of money
If I won the lotery,Id be Rich.
by Marina Insanity January 16, 2007
In addition to its more common usage, rich can be used to describe objects of luxury or cool things such as shoes, shirts, cars, houses, jewelry, etc.
"Sick Lambo man, that is rich!"
"Nice shoes man, those are rich."
"I'm rockin a bar of gold attached to a platinum chain, don't tell me that ain't rich!"
by Harrison W August 17, 2008
Young Hot And Privledged
She's hot'She's Secure She's Curious
by NancyK.Franco February 11, 2005
Being taken care of.. Being well off... Never having to worry about buying anything. As in you can buy whatever you want.

Being more well-off than your peers. As in having a lot more money than they do. Being well-ahead of them financially.

For instance Bill Gates is a lot wealthier than all the people his age, he's rich.
Your boyfriend gave you all that money?

Damn, You're rich.

Look at that CEO, He's rich.

Look at that model, she's rich.
by ceo443 January 25, 2010
To have a lot of money in the bank. To be able to buy a lot of expensive things. To be wealthy.
I have a lot of riches.
by tbone.. May 15, 2008
Not you
I wish I were rich - The 99%
by dc4028 December 23, 2011
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