people who vote republican because of corporations and tax cuts
hes rich so he was treated nicely by a republican.then the rich person gives millions to person running for office and becomes brainwashed into thinking hes being republican for good reasons like "family values"
by alex14 July 07, 2006
comes from the word 'sexypants'..
Oi richiepie you sexy bish~
by K September 29, 2004
V. transitive - Spawning from the famous "Rich bitch" To outlast a female during sexual intercourse
I just Riched that bitch
by Gimmeallyolovin' September 19, 2007
Sexiest iceman ever that tears all girls up like a black pimp.
omg i want rich's meat stuffed in me because hes so gorgeous.
by Sweet Thang October 18, 2004
Proper name. Used to identify friendly, outgoing alterego of terminally unfriendly men named Rick. Rich originates from one onlooker celebrating the Captain's entire collection and misapplying the name when taken by Rick's friendly, effervescent personality.
Gee, this Captain Morgan tastes good. I LOVE Rich!!
by Basement Dweller February 22, 2005
When your money works for you, rather than working for your money. Evil. Affluent. Wealthy. Most are either corporate excutives, lawyers, politicians, lobbyists or the Hollywood crowd. The rich take from the poor and middle class just to feel better about themselves. Despite their socioeconomic status, they are often greedy, miserable, lonely human beings known for their pretentious and arrogant character. They are NEVER statisfied by what they own and always must have more. They are often stressed and bitter as a result. They believe that money will solve all of their problems, while not realizing that its the heart from which problems arise. It is their goal to destroy the middle class in the name of power. They forget the saying, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
I hate rich people. They are hypocritical, arrogant, lonely, unhappy, greedy, scandalous, power-hungry a-holes trying to destroy the common man.
by krock1dk August 04, 2007
i dont mean to be rude by saying this, but i cant beleive how pathetic u guys r being for making fun of rich people. after all, its just totally obvious that ur jealous of them. u make fun of them make ur self feel better. its gotta stop. if u were as wealthy as the people u call "spoiled rich brats", "big phat money bags", millionare(billionare) bitches" u wouldnt be hateful to middle class or people probably, then y r u, as a non wealthy person, hating rich people?
middle class girl wearing clothing from kohls:
oh my gosh look at that girl, shes wearing all designer clothing like chanel and gucci and fendi. what a spoiled brat. i cant beleive she just likes to show off that much. god i hate her and her and all those other rich bitches out there.
middle class girl wearing clothes from target:
i know i mean how pathetic is that? why cant she and all those other rich fags go and just shop at normal stores for a while and stop trying to make people jealous?
by logan caymen October 07, 2007

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