R.I.C.H.-Resting In Christ's Hands:being strong in spirit, not dwelling in Sin, Predestined to win. This term was popularized by a Holy Rapper. In that song he says, "Im reppin Jesus, Im not selling out baby, no I would rather go Hunting with Dick Cheney.
I am RICH. I am Resting in Christ's Hands. I love life. All things are working together for my good. Even though the New World Order is destroying America, i will always be RICH.
by InfoLoveMan November 26, 2013
Sir King Dick Dick, a handsome man with a good sense of humour, very fun loving and has cracking ass.
Rich is Sir King Dick Dick!
by minx84 July 08, 2009
verb. past tense: riched, present tense: riching
To request advice or opinion then reject without fail all responses given.
"Dude, you asked if I thought she liked you and I said 'No', quit riching me!"
by David S.Thompson March 11, 2007
When someone is a virgin.
Guy 1: r u a virgin still
Guy 2: ya bro
Guy 1: your a rich
Guy 2: kk
by jcsmitty November 25, 2009
People with money. First let me say not all rich people are snooty,unhappy,white people. I happen to be black and have more money than almost all of my friends (which are almost all white.) I'm quite happy and I'm rich. I'm not snooty and think I'm better than everyone else, I also give to charity and like to have people over to SHARE my stuff.

I think everyone who makes fun of rich people are mean and some are jealous. I know some rich people are stuck up snobs but that dosen't make all of us snobs. I know this rich person who is a a stuck up snob. But I know a lot of rich people and they are almost all of them are nice people.

If you aren't rich maybe if you have rich friends they will do expensive things with you. Like I have friends come over and we play Wii. For you mean and jealous people, why do you have to get mad cause we can afford a lot of nice things, and rich kids can get big allowances, if your jealous, we all get jealous sometimes but don't bash us just because your not rich!!!!!!!!!
Middle Classed Friend:Man,you have everything, a Wii, pool table, air hockey table, fuzzball table,pinball machine,ping-pong table, a house just small enough not to be considered a mansion GPS, HDTV, ipod video, every game system out there, your rich.

Rich Friend:Thx, quit talking and lets have some fun!
by Trillesimo February 27, 2008
A friend of yours that always gets just about whatever he wants. This kind of person gets a brand new car he he or she just turns 16. If he or she has a sister, she's usually a babe.
Josh is so rich...I wish I was him. Or if I had a babe like that living with me...
by whatupbrood April 03, 2005
1.A Person Who Refuses To Buy Alcohol For Kids Who Can't Get Served.

2.A Type Of Underwear, Usually Animal Skin, Crotchless Thongs.

3.A Generator Which Comes Up With Amazing New Words.
1.Person One; Hey, Do You Wanna Get Us Some Cider?
Person Two; Nah, I Can't.
Person One; Aw Man, What A Rich.

2.Person One;Look At My Riches!
Person Two;Woah! Zebra Print?!
Person One;I Know, Rare, Yeah. I Got Them From canihasrich dot com!

3.Person One;I'm Full Of Sophisticonosity Tonight!
Person Two;What The Hell Is Sophisticonosity?!
Person One; Oh, It's This Amazing New Word Rich Made Up.

by Merked February 08, 2008

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