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Secure is the next stage up from safe .(see safe) It is safer than safe so it is secure.
'fuckin secure mate'
to control a girl when they are whining on a man

e.g boy: will you be able to secure her boy: yeah I can handle her
if I dance on you can you secure me? yh I can secure you
by OMGLOOK@MYBUTT June 30, 2015
1. To fasten, or hold down

2. To protect
1. I like my hands secured to the bed durring sex

2. Secure the fort!
by shane February 13, 2004
Better than safe its safe X10 its fucking fort knox level safeness
1.when something is pretty damn delicious e.g. Man that donut was secure.
by Secure TM March 23, 2014
In the canadian forces the most important meaning for the word secure means you are free to go.
As the ships crew waited anxiously for the end of the work day the word secure was piped over the loudspeaker and everyone cheered and ran for the brow.
by butt-cheeze May 03, 2010
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