People who worked their lives out, economically influences their families, corporations, and government of nation, and finally getting the rest they worked for

The sons/daughters of people who worked their lives out, who commonly tend to take advantage of high society and don't do jack shit.

The grandsons/daughters of people who worked their lives out, who commonly try to do what their parents did, but end up broke.
The poor: I hate rich people!

The other: Why?
The poor: They made it big and I didn...I mean, uh, they are evil and take away all the money we couldn't get because we didn't work hard enou...uh...the rich people were just lucky!
by Alias Anonymous Caesar January 07, 2016
when something is just too much to handle, almost to the point of euphoria.
The peppers were so rich my knees buckled a little.
by rrrrriiiiiiccccchhhhhhh November 24, 2014
a person who has successfully avoided paying taxes
Poor Person: How do you become rich?

Rich Person: Find a way to trick the tax collectors.
by persononinternet December 31, 2009
One who stacks paper to the ceiling and rolls on twenty-four inch chrome.
Mark: damn that guy's rich!
Steve: of course he's rich. His clothes are made out of money.
by The Opportunity December 22, 2009
Not you.
Are you rich? - No.
by pestala January 19, 2015
Something real that happens that is hilarious.
Sue was standing on the beach trying to make talk with Matt when the volleyball hit her square in the face- that was rich!
by Elusive2u April 20, 2005
Having an abundance in materials or qualites in character and personality.
Money,food, inteligence, fashion and my number one babe R.R!!!!!
by Salascious January 03, 2005

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